Training Staff with VR

Using Virtual Reality for staff training is delivering exceptional results. Information retention and speed of understanding is magnified because VR is optimised for learning styles.

How Virtual Reality Training helps your Staff

Full immersion means the user is fully mentally engaged with the VR environment, utilising all of the senses. The VR training experience allows the brain to use its spatial memory capabilities to integrate the VR experience, so that learning is reinforced, making for stronger retained memory.

How Virtual Reality Training helps your Business

VR headsets and controllers can project a 360 degree reality experience to the user. Inside this experience you can project any aspect of your business, with core elements being reusable in many scenarios.

Virtual Reality training modules enable staff to interact and explore, unlocking new training content by gazing at embedded trigger elements or via menu options.

VR Training Benefits Summary

Virtual Reality training modules provide realistic content, enabling trainees to build practical skills and in depth knowledge of the work scenarios they will encounter.

Suits Different Learning Styles

No matter whether the trainee is predominantly visual, auditory or tactile in their preferred learning style, VR training allows selection and repetition to take as short or as long as is necessary for each trainee.

Training without Risk

With VR immersive training, your staff will experience the equivalent of on the job training. No matter whether learning to set explosives in a quarry, repair a ruptured chemical tank, or use laser surgery on a patient, the trainee, and your business, are protected from risk.

Builds Muscle Memory

VR controllers and gloves provide a realistic experience for staff trainees, from intricate and precise manipulations to brute force adjustments. And as many have said, the brain is the strongest ‘muscle’ in the body. VR training is optimised to build mental memory alongside physical memory.

Cost Effective Training

As well as providing extremely effective training, the savings from creating and using VR modules will keep your Finance Director happy as he sees significant reductions compared to conventional training methods. For example, printed and digital manuals, safety clothing, transportation, trainer hours and staff supervision.

Engagement and Understanding

Staff will find Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training to be engaging initially, as the innovative and immersive experience captures their imagination.

Over time they will trust the experience and their appreciation of the technique will enhance their understanding.

Personalised Training

Each trainee can progress at their own pace, working through the many different scenarios their job may require. Trainers and supervisors become free to address each trainee’s issues individually, without needing to administer a group as a whole. Trainers can also interact within the simulations, from assisting to introducing unexpected elements.

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